Darren Duncan

Full Stack Database and Web Application Expert



Professional Experience

Benevity - Software Developer (2018.04-present)

Details pending.

HarmonIQ Health Systems Corporation - Independent Contractor (2015.02-2018.03)

HarmonIQ Health Systems Corporation (http://harmoniqhealth.com) is an American software developer that delivers comprehensive solutions for health care quality, access, and outcomes through clinical workflow and analytics tools. Previously Database Consulting Group (http://databaseconsultinggroup.com).

ChargeSmart / VeriFone / TIO Networks - Senior Software Design Engineer (2011.02-2014.10)

ChargeSmart (nee http://www.chargesmart.com) is a web-based e-commerce business allowing credit card funded bill payments to be made easily over the internet to utilities or other billers that otherwise don't support them. ChargeSmart was a startup, then was owned by VeriFone, and then by TIO Networks (then by PayPal).

Traveller's Inn (TI) - Web Developer (2006.03-2009.07)

Traveller's Inn was a chain of about 10 hotels around Victoria, BC.

Anthony Macauley Associates (AMA) - Application Developer (2000.09-2003.05)

Anthony Macauley Associates (http://www.gx.ca) is a Canadian software developer that creates and implements product solutions designed for the needs of departments and agencies at all levels of government.

British Columbia Buildings Corporation (BCBC) - Intranet Developer (1999.08-1999.12)

British Columbia Buildings Corporation (nee http://www.bcbc.bc.ca) is a government agency that manages public lands and properties. Note that BCBC was renamed to Accommodation and Real Estate Services (ARES; http://www.accommodationandrealestate.gov.bc.ca), part of Shared Services BC.


Open Source

Muldis Database Projects (2002-Present)

Created a set of new database projects that are intended to bring significant advances to the database software industry in general, in a manner expressing both idealism and pragmatism; they are continuing to be developed under the name of Muldis Data Systems (http://muldis.com); see GitHub (https://github.com/muldis) for the latest versions.

Other Perl Modules (1999-2006)

Created a number of other Perl modules that are not concerned with databases, but mostly with web applications, and are all released on CPAN (http://search.cpan.org/~duncand); they are all functional now but there are currently no plans to develop them further.

Perl and Database Communities (2000-Present)

Active and vocal in the worldwide Perl community for years, with 100+ individuals, and in some database communities to a lesser extent, in many ways besides having created modules on CPAN.

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