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March 21

United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Why did you participate?

What does that day mean to you?

Hitoshi Nishi
"As a Japanese / Canadian who was five years old during the war and who was interned for four years at Lemon Creek near Slocam, BC, I have experienced racism in many forms, both as a child and adult. I participated on March 21 as I believe we must keep working towards the elimination of racism."

Christina Blake
"During one particular section of the walk the group became energized and the shoppers stood to watch. I was honoured to be a part of this diverse group who are committed to combating racism and hoped that those looking on would go home and think about the issues of racism."

Matthew Watson
"It is important to acknowledge this global day to raise awareness about the struggle towards the elimination of racism and to take this awareness to the local perspective."

Carolina Coy
"For me the day is to empower people of colour, Metes, and First Nations. This day also commemorates the death of peaceful demonstrators at the Sharpville 1960 protest against apartheid. The Day for Elimination of Racism allows for the show of collaborative efforts of Victoria's communities and mainstream groups that the attempt is being made to address the issue of racism and that it needs to be stopped."

Daisy Mutanda
"To increase awareness in this community that racism does exist and even though it may be subtle it still needs to be looked at and eliminated. That my issues are being addressed and that we are not individually but unified with others."

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