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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to explore Voices. The Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society has provided services to the community for ten years. It is with pride that VIRCS is now able to provide a publication that reinforces its mandate and its commitment to multiculturalism and anti-racism.

Creating the framework for this publication has spanned nearly six months. Members of the community, the public sector, the educational sector, and ethnic groups were sought out for their valuable input in the success of this publication. In establishing the Editorial Board, we endeavored to have a cross section of the community represented. The editorial Board has representation from the educational field, the justice system, community organizations, youth, and different ethnic groups. All members are community activists in the area of human rights.

The focus of Voices is educational. The direction of the publication will reflect the concerns and priorities of the community - what is happening in the community in the areas of multiculturalism and anti-racism - what information can be shared to enhance our efforts in building a harmonious community. Although our audience is broad, we feel the information and exchange in this publication will be of interest to a host of agencies and individuals.

The seed has been planted. It now needs to be cultivated by you. We invite you to share your ideas, comments, and concerns with Voices. By this route the publication can reach its goals.

VIRCS would like to acknowledge the financial support extended by the Department of Canadian Heritage and to say a big thank you to the volunteers and supporters who have shared their time, energy, and skills enabling us to work towards an inclusive community.

Rahnghild Watson Reinartz
Project Coordinator

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