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Before we decided to produce Voices we conducted research to find out if there was a publication of this nature in British Columbia. There was nothing. We went ahead and submitted the proposal to Canadian Heritage. It was accepted and approved.

I have no doubt that Voices is going to be welcomed by communities on Vancouver Island, as a project of this nature was past due. However, the greatest challenges lie ahead. We must continue educating and informing our communities, particularly our youth. Perhaps someday we will see anti racism and multiculturalism being taught as subjects in our schools. Racism is one of the ugliest human expressions and we should not underestimate it. Another challenge we are going to face soon is to secure funding after the publication reaches its first year of production. It would be sad to see such an important project disappear for lack of funding. It is so important for a healthy community to have this kind of education circulating constantly in our schools, public institutions and community organizations. We cannot give in to those who promote racism and hatred. We must remind them daily that racism and hatred are unacceptable.

I ask every person or organization, private or public, to support us. We need your contribution to keep Voices alive and delivering its important message.

Canada is a multicultural society by law. It is the only country in the world that has this policy in place and working. We don't see ethnic groups killing each other or fighting on the streets of our cities, hating each other like in other countries. In Canada every ethnic group obeys the law of the land. Yes, multiculturalism is working and is an example for the whole world. Multiculturalism is the future in which all humanity can exist in peace and harmony.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who are making this project possible, those who entrusted us with their financial support and endorsement. Thanks to Canadian Heritage for its funding. We will continue to work towards a community without racism.

Carlos A. Gaete
Executive Director

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