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Poetry Corner


He hates what he doesn't understand,
and has no love for those who are different.
He tries to destroy and kill,
but never quite succeeds.
He has corrupted peoples minds,
which gives him great pleasure
to watch the destruction and termination,
of all of us who are different

Liz Mutanda

I am a stranger here.
In a world I never meant to be.
I am the only shadow left
of a hollow, dying tree.



Imagine yourself being hunted down as you
struggle for your life.
Unfamiliar faces look down at you as though
there is something seriously wrong with you.
Then despite the cruelty and injustice, a hand
reaches down and touches your shoulder, gently
smiles at you and becomes equal.
Living without hope and faith maybe a way
to hide the outside feelings, but really the
deep emotions that you have inside will
never change. Not until the world realizes
that there is only one race. THE HUMAN RACE.

Agnieszka Opasinski

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