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Defining the Quality of Life in Canada

New Video Explores Our
Human Rights And Responsibilities

What do human rights mean to you? The answer to this thought-provoking question may vary greatly depending whether you belong to society's mainstream or not and what kind of aspirations you harbour toward our quality of life.

The upcoming video Human Rights & Responsibilities in a Multicultural Society explores the history and application of human rights in Canada with a special focus on the development of human rights in British Columbia. From protected group rights to individual rights or being singled out and treated differently this video looks at case studies that helped advance the development of human rights.

Another aspect of the video examines what exactly a human rights violation is and what it is not. For instance, many people believe they experience discrimination because of the language they speak. As language is not protected in human rights law, these people would then say that discrimination is based in their place of origin, or the country they come from which is part of our human rights protection.

And what about systemic discrimination? What is it and how does it affect you? An example of systemic discrimination is the common practice of "word of mouth recruitment", which generally excludes minorities from the process.

Or this example: 25% of the employees in your organization belong to visible minorities, but only 1 member out of the 118 people gets promoted. This looks very much like systemic discrimination.

How does our human rights law relate to multiculturalism? How do our religious beliefs accommodate our human rights legislation? What is the risk involved when making a human rights complaint? Who can you turn to for help and support? Why are some human rights complaints that appear to be acts of discrimination being dismissed by a Human Rights Tribunal? What is the difference between federal and provincial human rights legislation? What about hate crimes and protection from possible police injustices?

These are just some of the issues covered by the upcoming video.


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