Darren Duncan - Other Website Projects

This server also hosts archived copies of some older website projects that I worked on, either for posterity or for their usefulness. Links to those, as well as some other websites I've worked on, are shown here.

WARNING: The archived website copies on this server are explicitly snapshots at a point in time. They do not get updated and some information is outdated, including many of their external links. You should not rely on them for anything important. If you want current information, use a modern search engine.


This site covers one of my personal interests, and it gets about 500-1000 page views per day. The site is eventually going to be rebuilt in a database-driven fashion as the culmination of an effort I began in August of 1997. When this is complete I expect to have a fan-edited resource that lists fiction from a wide range of media, cross-referenced with information on creators of said works, character appearances, crossovers, timelines, publication dates, and so on. In addition, works created by fans of the above fictions will be indexed and cross-referenced where appropriate, including fan fictions, fan art, and fan websites. Initially the focus of this site will be on science fiction and it will be editable by approved site visitors using a web interface. This current version of this site is entirely generated/driven using one of my older open source projects, CGI::Portable, which was a kind of content management system or web framework.


The first 6 or so weeks of my first Camosun Co-Op work term, in the summer of 1999, was to take the sole 4 editions of a printed periodical and convert them into a static web format, both text and pictures, and preserve as much of the original magazine's visual style as possible. Three issues I had the original Pagemaker files from that I could extract the contents; the other issue I had to retype all the text (but didn't scan the pictures). The periodical, named Voices, was published by the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS), who hired me to do the conversion. Voices is an educational quarterly about anti racism and multicultural initiatives and issues in and around the community. The volunteer Editorial Board of community activists hope to provoke discussion and inspire projects that identify and extinguish racism in any form. The Voices web edition was originally published on the VIRCS web site in 1999; later it was severely modified (for the worse) by someone else, and then later removed from the web site. In the interest of historical accuracy, I have posted a backup copy of the web edition as I originally made it in 1999; that is what the heading url points to.

Perfection Of Hope

This site was done as a group project for my Human Computer Interface (comp 140) course at Camosun College during November of 1997. It is a home page for local author Elizabeth Simpson to promote her book "Perfection of Hope". The heading url points to a backup copy of this web site that I host for historical purposes, as my group originally made it; the site no longer exists at its original address (http://ccins.camosun.bc.ca/~simpson).

IOS River Temperature Model

My very first web site, this is a home page for a project being done at the Institute of Ocean Sciences (IOS) to assist with predicting the size of salmon runs. "The model itself is a numerical temperature simulation program capable of predicting the riverwater temperature as a function of space and time given a variety of input variables." I made this for the Ocean Physics Department as part of my un-paid Grade 12 Work Experience there during the summer of 1996. The original site has changed significantly since I worked on it, with a later version once visible at https://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/sci/osap/projects/fraser/default_e.htm. For historical accuracy, the heading url goes to an archived copy of what I worked on.