Darren Duncan

Senior Full Stack Software Architect and Developer

Senior full stack software architect and developer with over 27 years experience, specializing in databases, web services/applications, e-commerce / electronic payments, and technical writing.

Primary languages (minimum 3-4 years FTE each) are Java, .NET/C#, Perl, PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript, SQL, regular expressions, and more; polyglot; learning Python.

Expert in relational databases and SQL (several versions); experienced in Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, and stored procedures; familiar with non-relational databases.

Experienced in frameworks Spring/Boot, Hibernate, Entity Framework, Moose, DBI, Dancer, Laravel, Drupal, Node, React, jQuery; learning Vue and Angular.

I have worked with several great companies, including Benevity, ChargeSmart and Anthony Macauley Associates, where I was the lead or primary developer on several important projects, developing new features, maintained legacy code, documented and tested, and trained others.

Other tasks done and tools used: LAMP, Apache, NGINX, IIS, Git, Linux, risk management, REST APIs, concurrency, distributed systems, functional languages, agile methodologies, JIRA, systems analysis, data modelling, ETL, MVC, multi-tier, security, QA, optimization, OLTP, debugging, SOA, portability, Jenkins, Jira, Gradle, Maven, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

If you have a programming project or ongoing work you need done, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Archives and other Websites

This server also hosts archived copies of some older website projects that I worked on, either for posterity or for their usefulness. Links to those, as well as some other websites I've worked on, can be seen here.