Darren Duncan

Senior Full Stack Software Architect and Developer

I am a senior full stack software architect and developer with over 27 years experience, specializing in databases, web services/applications, e-commerce / electronic payments, technical writing, type systems and programming language design.

My primary languages (minimum 3-4 years FTE each) are Java, .NET/C#, Perl, PHP, SQL, regular expressions, JavaScript, and more; polyglot.

I have worked with several great companies, including Benevity, ChargeSmart and Anthony Macauley Associates, where I was the lead or primary developer on several important projects, developing new features, maintained legacy code, documented and tested, and trained others.

My passion is creating great database tools for accurately organizing and easily sharing the world's knowledge over the long term. This is my biggest cause and the best way I can help the world, made better through their use. My first such tools are Muldis Object Notation (MUON) and Muldis Data Language (see https://muldis.com), currently in development. After that will be consumer-useable database applications. I also contribute to various open source projects, such as the Raku language, and have released many Perl modules on CPAN, such as Set::Relation.

Other tasks done and tools used: LAMP, relational databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, stored procedures, Apache, NGINX, IIS, Git, Linux, electronic payments, risk management, REST APIs, concurrency, distributed systems, functional languages, agile methodologies, JIRA, systems analysis, data modelling, ETL, MVC, multi-tier, security, QA, optimization, OLTP, debugging, SOA, portability, Moose, DBI, Spring, Hibernate, Entity Framework, Jenkins, Jira, Gradle, Maven, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

If you have a programming project or ongoing work you need done, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Archives and other Websites

This server also hosts archived copies of some older website projects that I worked on, either for posterity or for their usefulness. Links to those, as well as some other websites I've worked on, can be seen here.