Reviews Of "The Perfection Of Hope"

"The Globe and Mail" December 1996
"The Time's Colonist" Victoria, April 1997
"The Saturday Star" Toronto, June 1997
"The Globe and Mail" July 1997
"The Globe and Mail" August 1997
"Focus On Women" January, June, and Oct 1997

Reviews done by Elizabeth Simpson

Alberto Manguel, A Histroy of Reading Monday Magazine, November 1996
Matt Cohen, Last SceneMonday Magazine, January 1997
Ira Nadel, Various PositionsMonday Magazine, May 1997
Carol Shields, Larry's PartyMonday Magazine, September 1997
Nino Ricci, Where She Has GoneMonday Magazine, October 1997
Michael Helm, The ProjectionistMonday Magazine, November 1997

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