A lung cancer survivor since 1994, Elizabeth Simpson has written a book of twelve true stories about herself, her mother, sister, and friends, and their journeys with various cancers. Having regained her health and returned to her position as a college instructor, the author says, "'Hope' is the word I apply to the way I make sense of the inevitable misfortunes that come into our lives. I am in a sense 'full of hope' when I find my place in the scheme of things, hope that my life will never be without meaning. The stories turn on that meaning, the need for hope in various stages of cancer, for those diagnosed and those who tend them." Essentially, this book explores the powers in nature and nurture.

        By combining conventional and alternative therapies, Elizabeth was able to return to a normal life. Her conventional therapies of radiation and chemotherapy arrested the cancer spread from lung to heart, and her alternative therapies healed her spirit and body once she had closed the Cancer Clinic doors. The book not only describes Elizabeth's hospital stay and home life during the initial stages of her cancer, but also the advantages of acupuncture, yoga, homeopathy, massage, and meditation. Throughout her rebirth, she upheld hope as "a powerful medicine in maintaining and regaining health." In her belief that "Hope seldom lives alone," she shares the imaginative acts and thoughtful gifts of family and other caregivers on her journey back to joy.

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Created on Nov 25/97
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