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There are many sites on the WWW that are devoted to providing hope to cancer patients. The most up-to-date listings that you'll probably find are those held by popular search engines. The following links were taken from the Yahoo! subdirectory on Support Organizations for Cancer:
  • Association of Oncology Social Workers - non-profit, international organization dedicated to the enhancement of psychosocial services.
  • BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) - Information resource for patients, families, friends, and health care providers. Site includes information on chemotherapy drugs and protocols, evidence-based treatment policies, and much more.
  • Burger King Cancer Caring Center - provide free emotional support services for cancer patients and their families in the Western Pennsylvania area.
  • Cancer As A Turning Point - psychotherapy workshops for people with cancer.
  • Cancer BACUP UK - information written by cancer specialists for patients, on all aspects of cancer including diagnosis and treatment, as well as UK counselling and resources.
  • Cancer Care, Inc - services include an online support group, referrals, and toll-free counseling line. Also, users will find a list of informational and educational materials.
  • Cancer Wellness Center - offering free emotional and psychological support to cancer patients.
  • CanSurmount Support Group - support group of cancer survivors available to give you encouragement, strength, and understanding.
  • Center for Mind-Body Healing - provides emotional support for people with cancer.
  • Gerson Support Group - established to advise, assist, inform and educate those in the UK wanting to undertake Gerson nutritional therapy for cancer.
  • Gilda's Club - Free emotional and social support community for people with cancer and their families & friends.
  • Gilda's Club Detroit - non-profit, social, emotional and educational support community for men, women and children with all types of cancer, and their families and friends.
  • Hobart Cancer Support Group - aiming to provide active support for people whose lives have been or are being affected by cancer.
  • Hope Through The Storm Cancer Ministries
  • Inner Mountain Wilderness Education Center - An Alaskan non-profit organization helping adult cancer survivors embrace the healing power of nature.
  • Keepin' The Faith - provides support for cancer patients and caregivers: a spiritual section, prayer list, beginner's guide to online resources, email volunteers, and articles by cancer survivors.
  • Make Today Count - cancer support group.
  • Memphis Cancer Center Foundation - Flying Colors: an incredible place of acceptance, love and hope; a resource for cancer victors.
  • New Visions - support group for teens and young adults with cancer.
  • Prostate Help Association - an information orientated charity. Information on prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer. The Association has a support network, newsletters, and special information packs on new treatments.
  • Wellspring - Cancer Support Centre - provides a comprehensive range of cancer support programs and services with the aim of meeting the emotional, social and informational needs of people living with cancer.
  • Why Me Inc. - a Central MA-based organization that provides emotional and financial support to area children with cancer and their families.
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